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Lingerie is no more a basic need but it has evolved to be regarded as an intimate wear which makes you feel more confident and empowered. Therefore the lingerie industry has seen a significant climb on the graph.Best Lingerie Apparel Shop Now

The hush hush affairs around intimate wear has finally faded and women are now more confident to convey their choices and preferences, and thus the change in the mindset of people has brought about a shift in the industry as compared to the past few years.

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Today’s lingerie makes up a big and important part in womenswear. The inclusivity and accessibility to people has resulted a boost in the industry. However the industry has a long way to go and as long as the brands competing can keep up the effort they can remain relevant or else might perish in this tooth and nail competition.

The underwear percentage in the apparel section might sometime be regarded as small but we must not forget that lingerie on a global scale is expected to hit 325.36 billion dollars by 2025 according to the allied market research making it a highly profitable industry.

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Earlier lingerie was associated with flirty and seductive intimate wear, however now it is mostly associated with confidence and comfort. That could be the reason that there has been a spike of underwear segment in the women’s athleisure section. Buy Best Lingerie apparel from our store.

In the last few years the functionality and comfort of the consumers have been given priority over the bust accentuating push up bras. We have thereby noticed a gradual fall in the demand and sale of the push up bras contrary to that of the 90s. Over the past few years investment in the push up bra section have fluctuated which has been slowly replaced by the bralettes that provide both function and comfort.

Meanwhile there has been a noted increase in the consumer preference for sports bra which has shown a spiked increase in the past few years pushing push up bras to the end of the hierarchy. Function and comfort are at a win streak now which is kind of the latest trend. We can expect an even higher growth in the preference of sports wear as many fashion retailers are entering the scene of the athleisure wear.

The classic t shirt bra has now been given a twist as they are now available in multiple nudes variants thereby making it more inclusive and popular.

The good old nursing and maternity bras also show a certain increase in the graph

The companies have now showed an increase in the sizes including plus size thereby making it more universal and popular. With theme of body positivity the inclusion of diverse shapes and sizes have garnered a lot of praises by the consumers thereby making it a profitable venture.


Briefs still remain to be the most popular type of panty pertaining to the preference of most consumers.

However other panties that have really become popular are the
Boy shorts
G strings
Control briefs

The sizes have also been expanded from XXS to XXXL and this has been welcomed by consumers showing a growth in the industry


Shapewear has seen an increase in the retail arena due to the heavy boost provided by Kim kardashian when she launched her shapewear line SKIMS. Shapewear has now become more of a necessity than a luxury and thereby selling out on maximum platforms.

Many luxury brands like Victoria’s Secret, SKIMS, net-a- porter have confirmed that shapewear has been one of the best selling products when it comes to lingerie engaging diverse masses with various body sizes and colour. Inclusivity is a big reason for this to be a success!!


The biggest question is whether this industry is sustainable.
Lingerie is no more considered a luxury item it is more of a daily user object hence proper oversight could provide the best opportunity to make it big.
With the expansion in the mindset of people and the change in trends, lingerie has attracted the mind of many consumers in the past few years.
Owning the latest lingerie collection is not only about comfort but also a fashion statement due to the various fast fashion retails involving themselves in this industry.
Even though they have a long way to go, if properly nurtured, lingerie industry could prove to be a very profitable one!!

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