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For some folks, size really does matter. While modestly-sized dildos are enough for a lot of people. Others want the extra length, girth and challenge that a large dildo can bring to playtime.Buy Large Dilidos


This is one of the most common questions which we receive from our customers here at Amnaughty

In fact, we’re pretty sure that this question has showed up more often than any other inquiry since we launched the site. This is why we’ve decided to give it its very own article!

Just why is this question so important to answer, anyway?

Well, at amnaughty, we believe that sex should be something positive.

Sex is an intimate, pleasurable bonding experience between two or more people. It should leave its participants feeling happy and satisfied.And not anxious and doubting themselves. But, unfortunately, the mind is a complex thing, and people are prone to doubt.

So many, many men and other penis-possessing individuals have come to us admitting that sex has got them feeling low. And that they have identified the reason for these negative feelings. It is the size of the new toy which their partner has started bringing along to bed.

Large Dildos 

The goal of this article is not only to establish the answer to the question “why are dildos often so big,”? It is also to point out that the size of a dildo which a person might enjoy does not necessarily correlate to them only enjoying penises of a similar size.

We hope that this helpful guide will leave our readers feeling more confident in bed. And also helping them understand that there is room in their sex life. IF they and their partner approve, of course – for both dicks and dildos of all sizes!

First things first, it’s important to understand one key fact: there is no one single reason for the prevalence of larger dildos.

Rather than one large, unifying reason, there are a number of smaller factors which together contributed to the current trend.

First, we’ll take a brief look at some of these reasons in order to more clearly define what they did to make “why are dildos so big” consistently skyrocket to the top of our Frequently Asked Questions list.


Part of the reason why it might seem like we’re suddenly surrounded by enormous large dildos can be explained with a single word: advertising.

The existence of large dildos isn’t anything new .In fact, some of the earliest sex toys which have been dug up by archaeologists were pretty big, even by today’s standards.

However, what we do have that prehistoric knickers don’t are giant Internet banner ads, pop-ups, and even television commercials.

In the olden days, you might listen to your friend gossip about the truly mammoth new dong.And that she had just had custom-made for herself while her husband was off fighting in the latest war – but today, you instead get your computer screen plastered with repeated images reminding you that women (and men!). All around the world are thrusting foot-long cocks deep within their body’s most sensitive places.

Most manufacturers of sex toys tend to center their advertising efforts around the most extreme, intense and eye-catching products.  (And yes, we admit it, us Amnaughty staffers have been totally guilty of this a time or two…)

We live In a world where customers and consumers are bombarded by a near-constant stream of colorful advertising images. It’s those items which have some way of standing apart from the ordinary which are most likely to catch their coveted attention.

The biggest dildos, the thickest plugs, the tightest collars and the most vicious whips are going to make people sit up.They take notice a lot more easily than simpler or more average-sized toys.

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