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Lube is your friend. And lube can make all sorts of sex and sensual play better. However, if you’re not using lube now, or if your current lube is just ho-hum, go out and try something new. It’s probably the cheapest and most sound investment you can make for your sex life. Therefore,Buy Lubes Online

Perhaps you just stick to a brand that a lover turned you on to. And you’re happy settling with that. However,If you’re blessed with friends with whom you can chat about the nitty-gritty of the bedroom, they may recommend their favourite brands.

But lube preference is so personal that one person’s miracle lotion may be another person’s irritant.

Your doctor’s suggestions? No. Sadly, most physicians and health practitioners, including gynaecologists  and urologists, are tragically under-informed. Hence,they give poor lube advice, if any at all.

Online male sex toys in india shopping yields pretty pictures of the bottles and labels. But no way to try the products, so that’s a crapshoot.

At some point, you’ll need to go hunting for lube at brick-&-mortar stores or their online outposts.

Now it’s time for the initial screening for you to find that lube that’s best suited for you. Here’s my seven-step process to do at the store to narrow down the choices and make the most intelligent selection.

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