How to Use Sex Toys – A Guide to Using 8 Different Types

In this fast world, people are becoming increasingly frustrated. Every one of us is so busy in their daily hastened lives that one finds no time to satisfy himself or herself. People all over the world use different types of activities to find an escape from their daily routine. Finding time from these hastened and seemingly fast routines is very difficult, so they are eager to find something that not only saves their time but also grants them the best possible pleasure.

Owing to increased acceptance of the people towards sex appeal, different types of tools used for sexual pleasure are increasing in society. These tools are known as ‘sex toys’, and they mimic the sexual sensation one finds during having real sex with a human. Prostitution is not legal in many countries all over the world, so people are eager to find alternatives that are not only cheap but also provide the best experience possible. That is why they are resorting to using sex toys for their pleasure. This phenomenon is not only becoming common in males, but females are also developing interest in them because of their increased curiosity towards discovering the sexual abilities of their bodies.

Sex toys are useful in the sense that bringing a partner to bed is not always easy, and in many cases, is intimidating for many of the people. People want to discover their sex abilities before actually going into bed with their partner, so sex toys not only provide them with a haven where they can practice their abilities without feeling ashamed but also help them experience what they will feel while having real-life sex. According to research, more than half of the American population, 63 percent to be precise, have a sex toy of some kind which they resort to during their leisure time. People not only use sex toys to satisfy themselves but using them in real life to express your needs with the partner is also becoming common. What is more exciting than seeing your bedmate going into an orgasm that sends chills down into their spine? Nothing can match that feeling, and this is the very essence of the heightened sexual pleasure where both of the partners get satisfied with the experience.

There are many types of sex toys circulating in the market these days. The society is showing an increased acceptance towards them owing to an increased media hype due to the movies and social media. Let us dive right into the experience of using each type of these toys.

  1. How to Use a Bullet Vibrator:

It is said that females experience an orgasm that is many times higher than the feeling experienced by the males. A vibrator is a device that mimics the actual massaging of the female genital organ known as “clitoris’. The clitoris is the very organ that is responsible for female orgasm, and massaging it using fingers during real-life sex takes the female towards experiencing heightened feelings of stimulation during sex. A vibrator works by sending vibratory and massaging feelings into the clitoris, which takes the female to experience the orgasm.

These vibrators are not designed for penetration inside the vagina. Instead, they focus on the external massaging of the clitoris. Take a vibrator, find the vibration setting that matches exactly what you want, and play around with your clitoris until you find that sweet spot that takes you to feel like you are in heaven!

Vibrators are not only useful to be used for stimulation alone, but females are eager to bring them into bed with their partner. This is because having their clits massaged with a vibrator while having a boner inside them helps them experience the magical feeling of the orgasm they can get. Vibrators are not only useful for stimulating the vulva and clitoris, but are also very effective in stimulating other erotic zones such as groins, nipples, and the sides of the neck. Using a good lube that decreases the friction between the device and the clit increases the pleasure, though this depends greatly on the personal preference of the person.

  1. Dildo – The Magical Shaft:

Are you having the dreams of a large boner massaging the insides of your soul in your sweet spot? Dream no more, because its time to get one. Dildos are the most commonly used toys among the females and are used widely for everything, ranging from vaginal penetration to anal stimulation that touches the spine, sending the most wanted feels of sexual pleasure throughout the body.

Dildos come in different shapes and sizes, so the size of the shaft depends greatly on personal preference. Many people like their cervix being massaged by the dildo, so they like a large dildo. Yet others prefer just their vaginal walls being stimulated, so they prefer a dildo that is normal in size.

One of the necessary precautions one should take while using a dildo is to make sure that it is made from a body-safe and non-toxic material that does not harm the delicate skin inside your vagina. Many females are found to be using sharp objects such as pencils and rods of some type in order to experience sexual pleasure, but this is harmful as it not only carries the danger of harming the skin of the vagina but also injures the cervix, causing irreversible damage to the reproductive system that might cause infertility.

So, play safe, and choose a dildo that grants joy to your soul without disrupting the normalities of your body. Using some kind of lube before insertion of the dildo for

sexual pleasure is highly recommended, even if you are naturally lubricated. This not only increases the pleasure but also prolongs the sensation of the orgasm you are going to experience.

  1. Butt Plug – Pleasure from the Behind:

Anal sex is not a new thing. The pleasure of anal sex is largely dependent upon the degree of penetration achieved. The more the penetrating source touches the rectum and the large intestine, the more is the pleasure.

But, wanting anal sex might be a feeling that takes you towards feeling ashamed in our society. Also, you might want to have anal pleasure when you do not have a partner lying close by. This is the moment when a butt plug steps in.

A butt plug can be used for two purposes, one of them being the prostate stimulation and massage while the other one being used to stretch the anus before having anal sex. A butt plug is a small device made from body-safe and non-toxic material such as silicone. Silicone is not only body-safe but also provides the closest possible sensation the one can experience while having real anal sex.

Lube your fingers, and try inserting 2 or 3 lubed fingers up your anus repeatedly moving them up and down your anus. Using a lube in this situation is of prime importance, as the anus is not naturally lubricated during sex. Once you can comfortably insert your fingers up your anus, it means that the anus has stretched enough for the penetration of a butt plug.

Lubricate the butt plug using a water-based high-quality lube and slowly start inserting the butt plug into your anus. Do not hasten, as anal sex is supposed to start slowly because the anus stretches according to the degree of penetration. Inserting a butt plug might feel unnatural and uncomfortable at first, but once the plug is fully inserted and the anus holds on to the skinny neck of the butt plug, it starts feeling more natural.

  • A Rabbit Vibrator:

A rabbit vibrator is a sex toy that grants both external and internal pleasure at the same time. It has two motors, one is designed for the external stimulation of the clitoris, and the other one is designed for the stimulation of the G-spot internally. The dual stimulation results in heightened feelings of sexual pleasure, as it mimics the action of both penetration and clitoral massage at the same time. Rabbit vibrators are the favorite sex toys of many females, as they like being massaged and penetrated at the same time.

The bunny ears of the toy are used to stimulate the clitoris before inserting the main shaft of the vibrator into the vagina. Once the clitoris is stimulated to an extent that enough sexual juices are flowing through your body, lubricate the main shaft of the toy and gently start inserting the shaft into your vagina. Once the shaft is inserted, move

the toy to find your G-spot, that is, the point where the toy grants maximum sexual pleasure. Once the toy is adjusted, explore through the various vibration patterns, and set it where you start pleasing your soul!

  1. A Wand Vibrator – The Magical Wand:

A wand vibrator is a toy that can be used by both sexes- it can be used by females for clitoral stimulation as well as by the males to seek penile vibratory pleasure. The motors of the wand vibrator are adjusted in order to provide deep and rumbling vibrations that stimulate the female reproductive system to the best possible extent.

If you’re using the wand vibrator to stimulate your clitoris, be sure to press the shaft of the vibrator firmly against your body. Pressing the vibrator firmly allows the deep vibrations generated by the motor to penetrate your deep into the clitoral system in the body because the extent of the clitoris runs deep into the body through a complex set of nerves. When the vibrations run through the whole clitoris, a sexual feeling is generated that mimics the orgasm you will have while having real sex.

  • A Prostate Massager:

Males too, like females, can take advantage of these sex toys. Most of the sexual toys designed for the males focus on providing a handsfree masturbation experience. However, contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of ways other than masturbation through which males can have sexual pleasure without having a real partner lying in their bed by their side. The anal pleasure for males is concentrated in exciting the G-spot, also known widely as the P-spot, which is located close to the prostate inside a man’s anus. The prostate is a gland that participates in the male reproductive system.

There are two types of prostate massagers, vibrating and non-vibrating. The vibrating ones are inserted after stretching out the anus, and the vibrations excite the G-spot until an orgasm is achieved. The non-vibrating ones are inserted in the anus pointing towards the stomach, in a way that they grant orgasms even without vibration.

  • A Cock Ring:

A cock ring is a male sex toy that helps maintain an erection in the males who are suffering from the disorder of erectile dysfunction. The cock ring is designed from body-safe and non-toxic rubber, which hinders the blood flow towards the penile arteries, thereby helping the person stay hard as long as possible!

The cock ring is inserted onto the penis after achieving an erection. The cock ring is inserted all the way up to the base of the shaft of the penis. There are double cock rings available, which also encircle the balls, thereby enhancing the feeling of pleasure.

  • Anal Beads:

Anal beads are the type of sex toys that can be used by both the sexes. They consist of a long structure made of body-safe rubber. The beads are inserted into the anus after stretching it using fingers. The beads are a great toy to use while having solitary self-relaxing sensation or during having sex with a partner.

The whole point of anal beads lies in the fact that they grant a deep, relaxing sensation and enhance the orgasm of the partner when they are slowly pulled out of the anus while having an orgasm. There is no need to insert the whole set of beads all the way up to your anus. Lube 2 or 3 fingers, stretch and relax your anus using those fingers, and then slowly insert the beads as long as you feel comfortable. The beads are designed in a way that you won’t even feel them once they are inserted and in place.

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