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Sex Toys, Lingeries Or Sanitiser ; What Indians Are Buying During Lockdown

We are experiencing unusual times right now, and who knew hand sanitiser were going to be such demanded products? Sex Toys industry is booming now !

Now the panic buying has somewhat stopped, shoppers have turned attention to products that can help them pass the time in the least stressful way possible.

we know, but here’s what Indians are secretly buying during lockdown:

Sex toys India

sex toys in india at

Unless you are in lockdown with a partner, you’re likely to be left a little ‘high and dry’, shall we say.

So it’s probably not so surprising that sex toy sales are rocketing. says it has seen sales triple in the wake of the cover -19

Hot selling a lot of beginner toys Such as dildos , sex dolls … all our beginner ranges are very popular,” “It definitely looks like people are saying: ‘I’ve got time, I might try something new.’”

The spokesperson told the publication it had experienced a number of significant sales boosts in recent weeks, all coinciding with major news announcements about the COVID-19 pandemic in india .

This was followed by a doubling of sales in india, in April when countries announced bars would be closed.


buy lingeries online

We have seen a boom in lingerie section since April 1 st week . Women aged above 25 are more intrested in thongs and stockings, while married women finds role-play clothes.Many of the Indian e commerce sites are not serving because of lockdown and curfew. The short staffed courier companies and restrictions for travel has made e commerce full stop .We wish to make the customers happy during lockdown.

Only essentials were made to deliver and the sex toys for men companies struggle to deliver the orders, though by following all precautions and guidelines given by authorities.
We promise our customers , our product goes through quality check ,sanitised,and make delivery according to authoritie guidelines.

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